Recommended Books

Take a look at some great books that we’d recommend.

Our Life in Gardens

By Joe Eck

This book shares the intimacy between two people as well as the over-the-top intimacy they had with one of America’s most beloved gardens.

Manual of Woody Landscape Plants

By Michael Dirr

If you are looking for the end-all-be-all of reference guides for shrubs and trees for the Eastern and Midwestern states, this is it! With true experience in the notes, I use this guide often.

Permaculture Designers Manual

By Bill Mollison

To have a true eco-garden, diving ​into permaculture is a must! The illustrations in this timeless tome cannot be topped. Visually engaging and descriptive of a complex method.

Designing With Plants

By Piet Oudolf

The master, Piet ​Oudolph is the wizard behind some of America’s most recent public park successes such as the High Line and Millennium Park. His concepts of gardening will be easy to relate to even though the results are very high-end!

Foraged Flavor

By Tama Matsuoka Wong

I’m a sucker for local farm-to-table shenanigans and this book tops the trend with ideas of how to forage locally on your own. A chef and a plant hunter collide to share an urban safari of ​gastronomy.


By Andy Goldsworthy

Goldsworthy is kingly. All works are created in nature and many times utilizing the ephemera of time. Goldsworthy’s art will reverberate through your current perspective on the natural world.

The Orchid Thief

By Susan Orlean

The best way to enjoy this book is to watch Adaptation soon after. Of all plant collectors, Orchid enthusiasts are by far the most eccentric and this true tale will spin you out of your gourd with jaw-dropping eccentricities (and the movie will one-up it!).

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