How to Bring in Natural Holiday Decor

The scent of juniper cuttings, clove, and citrus mingling in the home. Memories of making messes to decorate our home with garlands and branches and fabrics. Nature inspires the holiday cheer that begins to bubble in our chest that first day of December. I would encourage you to view your surroundings as potential for truly unique and memorable decor this holiday.

Wreaths can be intricately elaborate or classically simple. They greet you and your guests at the front door, so start a tradition of making an impression. Host a wreath-making party this year with some close friends who are also looking to spruce up their home. Pop open the wine, grab a strong circular wire, a bundle of sticks, as many pine clippings as you can and begin your masterpiece. Get creative with classic holiday style like ornaments that won’t fit on the tree, or spray painted pinecones, or mix up the textures of the plants you use. Plus you will enjoy making such a lasting memory with friends.

Slice some citrus and dry them out, releasing that classic orange scent into your home. String them as a unique and eye-catching garland, interchanging sizes and shades, from tangerine to auburn. Add some holiday red around your home with a bowl of pomegranates. Surround it with delicate pine trimmings. 

Decorate your tree with something true to nature: a garland of pinecones, clementines peeled with a unique design, stars of clove hung like ornaments. 

When you are intentional with your decorating and balance each room with the next, you can capture that essence of the holidays that seems to slip by so quickly. You can be intentional with your decorations and create a home full of warmth without the stress. Look to nature. Go overboard on the spices.


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