How to Clean up Your Garden for Winter

Winter for me can be a time of great clarity. Where once there was a forest full of leaves, bursting with life and sound, soon there will be bare trees stretching on for miles. You can see further than you could before. And silence and stillness comes, and the snow under your feet will crunch and the movements of your warmest jacket will be the loudest thing at times. Before the snow comes, there are a few things a gardener can do to create a beautiful landscape in their garden.

Pruning. Your winter shrubs will shine with a kind pruning of dead or damaged limbs. Shape up your pines and winter annuals with a thorough pruning.
Planting. Though they will not appear until spring, there are bulbs that will establish strong roots in the winter. Planting directly after the first frost is a prime time to give those bulbs a chance to burrow down and get to growing. If there are trees and shrubs you’ve been thinking on this year, this can be a great time to plant those as well.
Protecting. Clean your gardening tools to keep them from damage over the winter. We have some tips on how to properly do this on our Gardening Tools Pinterest Board.

Though you will not see the fruits of your labor until the spring, take heart that your plants are growing deep into the earth this winter. Often I find that this makes your spring garden even more exciting as if the plants have a surprise for you. It’s fun to be delighted in nature and enraptured in how it can take us be surprise.

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