Cozy Clean Winter Gardens

Nature continues to inspire me even as the winter approaches. I notice the silhouettes of the trees and shrubs I have given so much care. The colors and textures of the plants I’ve surrounded myself with have a humble light in them. This may not be their season they thrive in, but they still hold a captivating beauty.

When surveying your winter garden, take steps to continue to create beauty that inspires you. Use the empty spaces where your view is normally obscured by blooming buds to imagine what potential lies there. Perhaps you’re enjoying the lack of the plants you’ve become accustomed to— it may be time to revamp your landscape. You’ve taken steps to create an interior home that reflects your inner desires and it’s time your garden does the same.

Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Winter forces its simplicity upon us. It creates an atmosphere of empty space and the beauty therein. Empty space can feel like a breath of fresh air. As you enjoy your winter garden, take thought into areas you feel are not reflecting your internal desires. Would a patio set be more appropriate and invite more time in nature than a large and unruly shrub that seems to take up more space than necessary?

If a task like this seems daunting, call me. My landscape design company will help your garden mirror your beautiful personality and the desires you have for your life.

For some garden inspiration, check out my Pinterest board full of ideas!

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