Cozy Winter Interior Ideas

I must tip my hat to the Scandinavians when it comes to winter style. They seems to have encapsulated what we all crave when winter comes: a balance of extremely luxurious comfort and clean, airy, simple design. There are a few ways we can move toward this aesthetic this winter.

Faux fur blankets draped over chairs or bed instantly add a cozy feel to a room.

Look for decorations in the color family of whites and creams and taupes. Texture is key here, as is simplicity. Pillows and fabrics, pottery and glassware, as well as photo frames and planters can look light and beautiful in these shades.

Light wood accents with these colors contrasts beautifully. Coffee tables and wood benches or chairs with an elegant design and a light color will feel special and cozy.

Depending on your view, I encourage allowing as much natural light in as possible, and when light is needed, to use lamps or smaller, elegant desk lights. This will create a more intimate and clean atmosphere, and chase away any seasonal blues.

Allow your plant life to thrive and take up those nooks and crannies of your home. Tropicals can be a fun option to have a unique look in a lighter space— their jungle greens can add depth to a room.

For these ideas and more, check out my Pinterest Board specifically for cozy clean winter interior ideas!

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