DIY Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

If you desire to have more variety in what your outdoor space offers, I have some great inspiration for how to enhance your entertainment experience. Your family and friends will want to spend their summer with you in these cool DIY spaces.

  • It’s less expensive than you think to purchase a projector that connects to your phone or laptop. Throw a white tarp or blanket against the back of your home, create a cozy atmosphere with pillows and blankets and twinkle lights, and supply an abundance of your classic favorite movie snacks. Popcorn, Twizzlers, chocolate-covered anything, or doctor the night up with movie-inspired cocktails.
  • For your next bonfire hangout, use a bar cart to set up a s’mores station that defies the rules of classic s’mores. Slice up some strawberries or some bananas, set out a bowl of pretzels and a jar of peanut butter. Get creative and try new experiments.
  • Find yourself a long table or align the outdoor furniture you have to create a long table. Purchase some cute and bohemian table cloths and find any fun votives and candlesticks you can. Pick wildflowers or lush ferns either from your own garden or from your garden center, and drape them along the table. This intimate setting can be great for a gathering of close friends to reconnect. It’s a simple and easy set up in application, but the end result feels luxurious and thoughtful.
  • Create your own yoga retreat. Invite your yogi friends to have a calm morning of stretches and strengthening. Use mats on your patio or the soft green earth as a natural mat.

Spaces such as these are easy to create and provide an abundance of entertainment and memories. Use this summer weather to provide a beautiful space you and your friends can all enjoy.

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