Bringing Magic into Your Garden

As a child I worked really hard to find where magic lived. I peeked in mossy crags at the base of trees. I watched the toys in my moonlit playroom to see if they would move. I prayed that fate would defy reality and reveal a unicorn or mermaid. Despite fruitless seeking, my conviction remained the same. Magic exists That much I knew – what else was fuelling my endless fountain of youthful joy? What sparked my internal passions to run, jump, play, dance, and sing? Mind you, my childhood had ups and downs like anyone else, but some inevitable power would always buoyantly bring me back to a place of beauty.

Today I know that each person has their own ways of finding that place of love and beauty. And that, to me, is magic. I love helping people find this, and here are some of the magical places we helped create by setting the stage:

*A pond with a residents including a frog named Franklin, a barred owl, and the neighborhood kids’ goldfish*

*A resort-like oasis where a mother can hang out with her daughters*

*A spot to fall asleep under the stars*

*A gathering place for neighbors to enjoy evening fire, a babbling waterfall, and each other*

*A marshmallow roasting spot*

*A sleek, modern setting for gazing across the golf greens while soaking in the jacuzzi*

One such of these magical projects can be seen here.

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