How to Garden for Fall

As the leaves begin to fall, it’s a great time for gardeners to get their hands in the earth a few more times before the snow comes. Fall is a time of preparation— we gather our families close for meals and giving thanks before we are barricaded by the cold winter winds in our separate homes. Nature is also in preparation of the coming winter— wildlife burrows into the earth, creating homes out of twigs and dirt, plants begin to curl up and hide away, the leaves fall from branches in great heaps. Here are some ways to garden for the fall to save yourself extra work in the spring.

  1. Keep an eye on your flower beds. Weeds and debris can hide away in there for months if we don’t clear them away before the frost comes. Those leaves can be shredded and used as mulch for your winter shrubs.
  2. Fall is a great time to spread the plants! Carefully divide plants and take proper care to plant them strategically so they will flourish in the spring! This can save a trip to the garden center for a new plant when the time comes.
  3. If this is a time you are using to change out your plant containers for something fresh, spruce them up with a few new fall annuals as well! It’s also fun to use fall fruits as decoration in these planters. Green and white gourds can also look classic surrounded by mums.
  4. White Kale or Flowering Cabbage can be gorgeous in your garden design, as well as edible! These plants are a bit unusual to use, but eye-catching and quite lovely in color as other plants begin to sleep for winter.
  5. If you need ideas for new vegetables to plant this fall, I suggest beets, radishes, and spinach. They are straightforward to plant and easy to care for in the winter. And in the spring you can have a lovely garden perfect for delicious salads!

Take advantage of the fall weather and keep your gardening gloves out. If you need inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board full of fun fall gardening ideas!

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