Intimacy With Your Space

The damp, Cincinnati cold descends and whereas I used to find the bustle and enchantment of the holidays romantic, now I find myself trying to figure out how to make them appropriate to where I am in life now. No kids, family spread out.

Sparkle and lights have December covered – I celebrate by lighting candles, bringing aromas of spruce and cinnamon into my space, and pulling out my faux fur blankets. There is a festive goodbye to the year and a hello to hibernation.

I know after the holidays, I need to keep my inner fire intentionally stoked to make it until Spring. Having been saddened by grayness in the past, I’ve vowed to make it a time of renewal going forward. Seeing in person how the Scandinavians so joyfully answered their gray Winters with candlelight, dinner parties, snaps, singing, and lots of cheerful excuses to drink coffee, I can see the value in having some festive plans to keep perking along. By inviting light, uplifting your senses, and setting dates with your favorite people, you can stoke your inner fire, a nice compliment to the more sublime quietness in between.

Does your home serve both your inner fire and your hibernating self? Good spaces serve us well, but great spaces nurture our evolution as beings.

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