How to Make a Dog-Friendly Garden

I know it seems like it’s not even time to think about this, but it’s right around the corner! How do you keep those muddy winter paws from tracking inside?

A dog run is typically designed for our pooches to get out all that energy and stay healthy. However, by incorporating some gorgeous pavement pieces, you create the opportunity for that mud to fall right off and have a beautiful new addition to the yard.

I recently helped a nice couple figure out how to stop this problem, and what resulted is a part of their yard is becoming beautiful, and they thought it had to be ‘for the dogs’. Take a peek at some elegant dog run ideas and then tell me how you’d like to take your new dream a reality! The dogs will be happy anyway, but you should be, too.

We have dedicated a Pinterest board to man’s best friend and the issue of muddy paws. Check it out!

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