Refresh Your Holiday Decorating Routine

This holiday season you may be pulling out decor from years past or rolling home with some new festive gear for your table, mantle, or from-the-curb look. In years past I would have done lots of both.

After moving nine times in eight years, however, and combining each move with a major purge I lost the desire for holiday decor.

I still enjoy it, but I can go to the zoo or friend, Ginny’s, house for a fix – or the mall or Lowe’s for that matter.

This is a complete 180 for a former teen who was nicknamed ‘Martha’ and who wove holiday containers into her original business model.

With my home items paired down to only the essentials that I really love, I lost any and all impulses to buy tiny gourds and table top rosemary trees. At this point, I won’t consider a Christmas tree until there are children to entertain.

By letting go of all the ‘stuff’ of the holidays, I realized I was creating time and space to get what I was really trying to achieve with the material items. While not being concerned with mucking objects around and making things perfect, I was poised to hop out to enjoy the colors or have friends over to play.

Previously I had used the decor to fill a void. Shopping, planning, placing, and obsessing was time and money spent on the idea of a good time and a happy home rather than the creation of one.

By moving and purging I had paved the path for the things I really wanted to enter the scene. In order to make the ‘spirit of the season’ a reality I had to look more closely at things like my calendar (which was full of work commitments), my living room (which had more attention given to cats than to places for friends to sit), and my kitchen (which revealed the diet of a bachelorette, not someone ready to entertain). Then, I had to change what I noticed to reflect how I wanted to live.

The results are that I’m being the person who embraces and priorities joy rather than one who is doing things to create the idea of joy.

My heart feels sparkly and rich, and I invite you to give yourself the time and space to get what you want this season. En-joy!

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