Setting Intentions with your Garden

With the winter comes clarity. Our gardens are sleeping, the trees are bare, the soil is nestled under a blanket of frost. We are not in a state of movement, but of being still. It’s time to burrow down between our wooly blankets and comfortable couch cushions and get our intentions for the coming year out of our minds and into action.

We’ve covered many aspects of our landscapes and homes and how to flourish therein. Hopefully over the year we have begun to seek out and surround ourselves with beauty. Our homes are less cluttered and more open to bring in new objects that bring us joy. The desires we have for our lives are more easily accessed when we set up our space to support that desire.

Have the pen and paper ready. Light up a nook in your home for some intentional reading. How many books do you want to read next year? How many board game nights do you want to host? Use the elements of design you have acquired and press in to your desires. Make them happen. Take action.

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