Tips for Staying Cool Outdoors

I think we can all agree it’s hot out there, but I want to share some ideas on how to enjoy the outdoors without the heat driving you away.

My first thought is: a pool! If you read this blog title and that was your first thought as well, ask yourself, “Is this something I desire?” Pools can be so gorgeous and entertaining, especially when it is accompanied by a beautiful garden or landscape. My company, Flourish Design, would love to work with you on creating a unique pool experience you will never grow tired of. If it’s time, reach out to me.

Your furniture can be outstanding, but if it requires you to bake in the sun, I encourage you to find a large umbrella to accompany that setup. Create a cooler atmosphere in a shaded area of your yard or deck.

Have a refreshable drink cart close by. While reading your favorite book in the kind shade, a cold lemonade or tea is only a few steps away. No hassle to go indoors and interrupt that relaxing time to yourself or with others.

Take advantage of those sweet summer nights. There are precious hours rush with smells and sights and cool grass to stretch out on as the stars begin to come out. Grab a blanket and spend your evening enjoying your landscape with no agenda but to watch nature thrive in the lush evening light.

If you need more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board full of ideas such as these and more.

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