Transformed Retro Yard Games

We’re bringing back the best and classiest yard games for you and your friends to play this summer. Whether they are new to you or a blast from the past, I’ve found some fun ways to revamp and glam up these outdoor games.

  • Badminton: the great thing about this game is it can be played anywhere. Get creative with the “net” by using shrubs at a barrier, or take the game to the nearest beach or lake and play in the water. Play in the evenings with a real net by stringing up some Christmas lights intertwined in the netting.
  • Croquet: host a croquet party on a warm summer afternoon. Dress code: white sundresses, pastel shorts, and darling hats to keep the sun out of your eyes. Provide cold cocktails served with slices of citrus and let the game begin! This isn’t the most action-packed game, but creating a fun atmosphere stirs up competition and good conversation.
  • DIY Obstacle Course: combine sack racing, three legged races, and finish up with a ringtoss. Make the game unique by using items you would find in a rummage sale. Grand prize can be a gift card to a nice restaurant or to the local coffee shop. Give them something to fight for!

We are never too old for a fun game and a good laugh. Enjoy making new memories using these retro yard games.

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