How to Prevent Tree Damage from Deer

Deer will be looking for a place to put their fuzzy antlers this season, don’t let that be a tree in your landscape! More than that, make sure you are gearing up for deer proofing the hands-off way like I do by choosing the right plants and sticking to a plan that doesn’t include sprays, green soap, or any other experiments. De-stress your deer proofing routine.

To make sure your trees are protected from deer rutting, put fencing or plastic tubing to cover any young tree trunks that have soft bark. If the deer have a chance to rub their antlers on these trunks, which they love to do, it can do a lot of irreparable damage, or worse, kill the tree.

I suggest putting the deer protection up in August or September and leaving it up until late winter or early spring.

All my deerproofing methods can be found in my absolutely famous book Deerproofing 101.

Here’s what one of my clients has to say: “Michelle did a terrific job with a new landscape for our front yard. We are no longer on the Zagat survey of places for deer to stop. The plants are thriving and haven’t have any deer issues.” – Norm, Amberley Village Resident

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