Ways to Extend the Summer Outside

We’ve been gardening in preparation of the winter and the days are flying by. If you are looking for some ways to continue to enjoy the product of all that hard work, here are my tips for continuing your year outdoors.

The weather is cooling down, and nothing warms us up more than a good bonfire gathering. If you don’t have a fire pit built or don’t have room for the construction of one, there are plenty of above ground fire pit options. A bold circular fire pit can be a great choice for a minimalistic landscape. Surround the fire with chairs, or logs, and pass out the blankets!

Pumpkin patches can be a great afternoon outing. Keep your eye out for the smaller, more uniquely colored gourds to decorate your garden containers or your dinner table. Host a dinner in your backyard with fall inspired soups and vegetables. Drape a blanket on the back of each chair as the evening cools down, and be sure to have a pot of hot cider to break out as the dinner comes to a close and the conversation extends.

Take this time during a change of seasons to learn about your garden. You’ve gotten to see your plants bloom and grow. Now is a great time to read up on the affects the weather will have on your plants so you can be prepared to properly care for them in the winter.

Get your fill of plant life in other areas of your city as well! I recommend grabbing Foraged Flavor by Tama Matsuoka Wong and trying your hand at some good old fashioned foraging. Bring the family and see who has the most success.

Create new fall traditions this year to stay outdoors. Autumn is such a magical time in nature, I love taking any excuse to get out there and see the world change color.

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