Ways to Style Antique Statues in Gardens

It can be tricky trying to find garden decorations that feel authentic to our personality. I have found that rummage sales, auctions, and craigslist can be great places to keep an eye out for beautiful antique statues.

Here are some ideas on how to keep such statues feeling fun and unique in your garden!

  • Don’t be afraid of a little bling. I know, it might seem strange to do this to a statue of a cherub or a saint, but a crown of jewels or flowers can create a magical effect and a bit of a story behind a statue. Suddenly it catches the eye with a little sparkle or a bright crown of flowers.
  • Get a little dirty. I mean with dirt, with vines, with moss. Allow nature to claim this statue as its own by letting ivy or moss creep close by. This may not happen until the spring.
  • Hide them away. If your garden allows it, tuck smaller statues behind a few branches to poke out like some kind of garden nymph. This is a great way of using statues if you aren’t looking for them to be the center of attention in your garden.

These aren’t your grandmother’s statues, or maybe they are and you want to make them your own while continuing a legacy of showing these beautiful antiques in your garden. As the snow is falling, allow a light to fall upon these figures. It’s like your own life-size snow globe in your yard!

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