Winter Container Ideas

A beautiful winter container can highlight an entryway or backyard. Against a snowy backdrop, colors can pop and be accentuated and catch the eye. You can’t go wrong with a classic pine-focused look, but I think there are more ways to evoke that winter look and feel through other textures and colors.

Sweet Huck Branches have a ruby red color that looks gorgeous against the snow, and can incorporate a nice height to a container. Surround them with deep evergreen draping over the sides of the container for a classic winter look.

Play with shades of green and unique textures by combining pine, ivy, kale, and some minty green winter gourds. Add complementing greens, but try to stay away from too much clover green or pastels, as they evoke spring colors. Adding white branches can also be a nice rest from an abundance of deep greens.

Statues or small barren trees can be covered in lights. Their lack of color can open the door for lush greenery or deep reds to comes alive. Place any number of these kinds of arrangements in containers that have a personality as well. Search out containers you love, don’t settle! I personally love using stone and concrete containers that are more regal than what I would typically use. Designs of nature, acorns and leaves, or animals, lions or fawns, create a magical effect against the snow.

I would encourage you to allow the plants you choose to shine when buying a container. You will want the colors to pop, so a softer or more uniform color for a container will help.

As the holidays approach, get creative with decorating these containers for the season. Reds and greens are a great choice, but don’t be afraid to add some golds or silvers, or add a more rustic look with wood accents.

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