Gardening Recommendations

Take a look at some great gardening products that we’d recommend.

3.8 Cubic Ft Sphag Peat Moss

When I’m planting new perennials or shrubs I like to add some organic matter. These big peat moss bales work well – just slice it open and add a few scoops to each new hole..

Espoma Holly-Tone Plant Food Bag

I’m a classic gal when it comes to fertilizer. This one works not just for acid lovers, but really anything nearby.

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves

When planting and pruning I like to feel what I’m doing with my fingers as much as I can – these gloves are perfect for situations where you just need a little protection against prickly stems or potential poison ivy.

Premium Garden Gloves

When you are fooling around with larger projects like cutting down small trees or honeysuckle, these gloves are slightly warm and a little protective.

Bloomsz Daffodil Tete-a-Tete Flower Bulb

One of the cutest things in the Spring landscape is going to be these petite yellow head peeking up early in the season. Totally deer proof!

Dutch Master Daffodil 100 Bulbs

These tried and true classic bulbs will uplift your should early in Spring when everything else is waking up…and the deer will not touch them!

Wild Bird Seed Feeder Hanging Food Dome Mesh House

When it comes to bird feeders, I think you should get a large, study one and fill it less often.

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